August 10, 2021

4 Leaky Roof Solutions

Oftentimes, when we think about fixing a leak in our roofs, our minds go to caulking it or using roof cement as an easy, quick fix. However, that is just a bandaid on a bigger problem. While it may seem daunting to fix your roof on your own, these 6 leaky roof solutions can help you fix your roof all on your own.

Find the Leak

The first step to fixing your roof is to find the leak. This can actually prove to be one of the hardest parts of the process because of the way that leaks can travel. Because of this, it is best to follow the leak to the source. Finding and fixing the leak is important because over time, leaks in your roof can cause things such as mold, rot, damage to insulation, and damage to your ceiling.

A great place to start in the search for leaks, is examining the things that penetrate your roof. Anything from your chimney, to vents, to actual damage to the roof, can cause a leak. If you find yourself still searching, you should look inside of your attic. Take a flashlight and look for water stains and mold on the ceiling in the attic, if you still cannot find the leak, ask someone to help and send them onto the roof with a hose. Have them soak the roof and look for any water coming through. If all else fails, you can resort to removing shingles on the roof around where you think the leak is at.

Fixing Your Roof

Plumbing Vents and Roof Vents

When a roof is leaking, a common culprit for the leak is anything that can penetrate the roof. This includes plumbing vents and roof vents. Plumbing vents and roof vents are generally made of either plastic or metal. What you want to look for is cracks in the plastic or broken seams in the metal. You should also look for tears or rotting in the rubber when looking at the plumbing vent’s boot. In the case that either structure is cracked or has broken seams, the easiest fix is to replace it. Other parts of the vents to examine are the nails that attach it to the roof itself. If any of the nails are loose or missing, replace the nails with rubber-washer screws. They will hold up longer over time and prevent further leaks.


Chimneys can unfortunately be a host to many problems, one of which being that they are prone to causing leaks in your roof. When you get a chimney installed, something called chimney flashing is installed as well. Flashing is thin metal that is used on your roof to redirect water and seal things like your chimney and walls, as well as repair your roof. This flashing can rust though, and if it does, the best solution is to replace it. This will ensure that your chimney is not going to cause any other leaks and that the area will be sealed for a while.

Step Flashing

Any walls that extend onto the roof of your home have step flashing. Step flashing can rust though, and if your step flashing is rusted, it can cause holes that can cause leaks. When you find that your step flashing is damaged, the best course of action is to replace the step flashing on whatever side is rusted. This will ensure that there will be no further leaks from that spot.


While we already know that walls can need to have their step flashing replaced, there are other ways that protruding walls can cause leaks in your roof. You should look for any weak spots around the caulk work around the wall. Simply take a putty knife and remove any old, weak, cracked caulk, and replace it with new caulk. This will better seal the wall and prevent further leaks.

Still Need Help?

If you are still in need of help fixing your roof, call us at Varner Roofing to come inspect your roof and repair it for you. We offer a variety of residential and commercial services, including repairs and even replacements. Contact us today for a quote!