March 29, 2023

Local Roofing Company And When You Should Call Them.

How do you know if you need a roofer to inspect your home for a quote on a new roof? There are a couple of signs that will show you if you need to call a local roofing company to come take a look at your roof.


  1. Excess granules in your gutter is a sure sign something is happening on your roof that needs to be looked into. Shingle roofs are very stable through their normal life and once they start to shed the granules it’s a sign the asphalt is aging and your roof is nearing the end of its life. Normally this happens with about 2-3 years left before your roof will start to fail. If you notice you have a thick layer of roof dirt and rocks in your gutter, call a local roofer. Most roofers will be happy to come out and inspect your roof and give you a quote so you can start to save and get a plan in place for your roof replacement. 
  2. If your house has large trees above it and limbs fell off and hit your roof it’s a great idea to get your roof inspected. If you are comfortable putting up a ladder and checking out your roof go for it. If you are like most people and walking around your roof seems like a bad idea to you just call a local roofing company and explain you just had limbs or branches come down in a storm and you would like your roof checked out. We get that call often and its no problem to check things out and give the roof a quick inspection to make sure its in good shape. A good local roofing company loved to build relationships with the homeowners in their community. This is a great time to build that relationship and you get peace of mind knowing a tree limb did not puncture your roof. 
  3. If your roof is just old and it’s starting to worry you go ahead and call your local roofer. There are a few signs we look for to tell how long you have left in your roof’s life. We are happy to take a look and let you know when you need to start thinking about a replacement.
  4. The most obvious sign is if you have water staining on your ceiling after a rain or snow event. If you have water damage to your house that you think is due to your roof call a local roofing company to come out and take a look and see what is causing your issue. There are common areas on roofs that like to leak. Pipe collars and metal ridge vents are notorious for causing roof leaks and they can often be easily repaired. Don’t lose sleep. Just contact your local roofing professional.