Customer Service

As a customer you deserve to be treated with respect. Your time is valuable to you and you shouldn’t feel like you need to harass a contractor to have your needs taken care of. We will provide you with an honest evaluation, transparent pricing, and a timely solution.

High Quality Materials

You do indeed get what you pay for. Not all roofing materials are created equally and we only use materials we are willing to warranty and stand behind after the install. Your final product is only as good as the weakest element so there really isn’t a great place to skimp on materials.


Excellent Workmanship

The vast majority of roofing issues are caused by workmanship failures not material failures. The Varner Roofing crew is comprised of seasoned leaders and eager learners that strive every day to do the job right. We do every job as if we own the property because once we do a job we own the responsibility to ensure it performs correctly.